1. Personal photos from Graphic bar, my amateur attempt at showcasing Eine’s work in the Soho cocktail bar.  

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    It’s funny what you notice once your attentions been drawn to something… Last Saturday morning I embarked upon a casual walking tour of East London, discovering the varied and interesting street art within the Hackney boroughs, brought to the unsuspecting Londoner from the likes of Vader, Ben Eine and Stick - to name a few. The tour, brought to my attention the innovation, and often daring attempts of the many grafitti artists, who battle against the stigma attached to vandalism, and local councils desperate to quiet the sometimes controversial and outspoken work of those bold enough to try. 

    Following many attempts to commodify, and make more publicly acceptable this modern take on art, encouraged by the oh so respected President of the US himself as well as our very own political heads, much of this once perceived act of criminality is increasingly being commissioned to form educational tools, and make prettier local community areas, showcasing the individualism of areas in preparation for 2012. 

    Fusing together another passion, after a casual Friday drink in Soho yesterday, choosing ‘Graphic’ on Golden Square I was pleased to find the popular work of Ben Eine decorating the walls of the respectable cocktail bar. Graphic is known for collaborating with different artists every six months, aiming to keep the interior of the bar fresh and exciting. Upon entering the bar, I was instantly struck by the notorious colourful letters adorning the shutter come walls, with individual original pieces hanging also. The bar itself boasts an ambitious cocktail menu, with an impressive back bar and highly skilled bar staff, as you should expect. but I was further impressed by the hospitality, and interest of the manager, who was eager to chat to me and my colleague, providing me with insight to the bars history, and the thought process that went in to choosing which artists got to have their way with the bar.

    Street art is without a doubt the ‘in thing’ right now; how long that concept will continue to be popular, only time can tell. Logically as with all great things, as it becomes ever more commercial, and readily available to the public on a post card, or a book in Urban Outfitters, the respect and and interest in it may start to fade. But for now, it can’t be a bad thing for up and coming artists to showcase not only their skills, but their opinions too. The expanding concept has definitely struck a cord, so expect more content on this to follow… And possibly some photos too.

  3. Caught my attention through the wonders of Twitter [insert social network here] and just think it’s a wonderful little idea, enjoy and get creative! 

  4. Interesting concept…

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    A rather lovely little idea…


    Belle and Sebastian Write About Love Hi-Res Cover Art
    Belle & SebastianWrite About Love
    Out Late 2010 on Rough Trade/Matador(?)

    Bandleader Stuart Murdoch urges fans to get out and recreate the album cover (i.e. chalk up ‘write about love’), take photos, and submit them to a Flickr pool. The best submissions will receive ‘a trophy of some sort.’

  6. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire, from their newest album ‘The Suburbs’ strikes a chord at the moment like no other. As a whole, and following rave reviews and a number one position, the album is unashamedly beautiful, as is to be expected from a band with an impressive back catalogue. The voice of Regine´throughout the song is chilling, and a promotion, if nothing else that the other fifteen tracks deserve a listen to as well.  

  7. The new Cadbury’s advert by Saatchi & Saatchi (SA) is, in short, pretty special. Their brief was "to make people feel the same joy they experience when they eat Cadbury Dairy Milk" and the idea of this Ostrich finally being able to fly creates a rather warm and fuzzy feeling.

    Following a rather tepid attempt for the 2012 Olympic campaign (the Spots vs Stripes concept) thankfully this advert rescues and brings the beloved brand back to where it should be; the new Gorilla indeed.   

  8. A new diet option perhaps?!?

    A new diet option perhaps?!?

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    Just something I came across… Thinking Nationwide regretted that positioning?!

    Just something I came across… Thinking Nationwide regretted that positioning?!

  10. Radio Ga Ga

    The inevitable has happened to my Tumblr, I’m going to admit defeat and write about the ‘monster’ that is GaGa.. How I loathe her, unashamedly and without fear of being trampled by the horrible hordes (hello alliteration) who seem to devour and celebrate her ‘originality..’

    But enough with the sentiments…What inspired this blog was the headline on the NME site (of all places) this week that her newest video for Telephone has reached 1 billion views - and is the first person to do so. Whooo - go GaGa, the rest of the world seems to be. But it did strike me as curious, why has the world gone youtube crazy for such a branded video, and thus an overzealous advert? It self consciously, within the first minutes or so features around 5 product placements, and continues to do so for the entire FIFTEEN minute duration. I’d watch the video and count them all, but I refuse to add to her already oversubscribed click through rate.

    Attempting to make this rant over the ‘new Madonna’ somewhat academic, it makes me wonder how we commonly know when we’re being advertised to, begging that age old advertising ethics questions. No doubt, many of GaGa’s adoring fans are little girls, desperate to be just like her, and therefore in need of some counselling… But will be watching the video, adding to the views and taking in the products which adorn the ‘music’ video… I’m sure the PP within the video can be justified as being relevant to the content of the video, but are they neccessary? Predictably the release of the video has been met with hype, as well as countless blogs (such as this) commenting on the apparent abundance of advertising. Where, however, is the line between celebrity endorsement, and a pumped up advert/music video? The lines are repeatedly blurred, pop songs are in adverts, adverts are in games, celebs are in adverts. Who’s to say what’s what anymore, where will it end!?