Foals Cover Swedish House Mafia - The One…

Not quite a music blog today, but something I just came across via (a wonderful site I’d recommend if you haven’t discovered it already…) One of my favourite bands covering what was without a doubt this years summer anthem, revamped and reworked continuously by various dubstep, D&B and house DJs and producers.

What I love about this version is it’s simplicity, the carnival vibes, and of course, the infamous signature Foals sound that is rife throughout. Enjoy! 

music foals cover swedish house mafia

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire, from their newest album ‘The Suburbs’ strikes a chord at the moment like no other. As a whole, and following rave reviews and a number one position, the album is unashamedly beautiful, as is to be expected from a band with an impressive back catalogue. The voice of Regine´throughout the song is chilling, and a promotion, if nothing else that the other fifteen tracks deserve a listen to as well.  

arcade fire music The Suburbs